York Food Chocolate Festival: 14 -18 April 2022

York Food & Drink’s September Food Festival is a big attraction for guests visiting York Caravan Park. Now you can have three ‘bites’ with the City’s 2022 Easter Chocolate Festival, and then York Food’s June Taster Festival added to the main Food Festival in September!
Come and sample the best of Yorkshire Chocolate Easter treats from stalls and demonstrations around the Shambles Market and Parliament St this Easter.

    York’s expertise in chocolate making is also celebrated at
    The York Chocolate Story a very short walk from the the festival venue. Remember ‘Terrys’ and ‘Rowntree’? These brands may have gone, but York still boasts many passionate chocolatiers who will be demonstrating their chocolate making skills throughout the festival.

      Visit York Easter Chocolate Festival from York Caravan Park

        Learn more from the York Food & Drink Festival’s website.
        York Caravan Park is located just 2 miles from York City Centre with a convenient half-hourly bus service late into the evening. We’re the ideal place to enjoy your visit to York Food’s Easter Chocolate Festival, without having to worry about driving and parking.

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