York National Railway Museum

Visit York National Railway Museum and see the UK’s largest collection of record breaking locomotives. Entrance to the museum is free and there’s always a workshop, tour or exhibition to make your visit to the railway museum a truly excellent day out. The headline for 2017 remains the return of legendary express locomotive ‘Flying Scotsman’, which returned to York Railway Museum in 2016 after a 10 year major overhaul.
You don’t have to be a railway ‘anorak’ to enjoy the sounds, smell and railway scenes of yesteryear. For many, the first stop is the ‘Roundhouse’ locomotive hall which houses the engines which were the ‘champions of speed’ at the zenith of British Railways. The ‘station’ hall is a fascinating journey back to the time many of us went on holiday by train. Watch the video of the record breaking Flying Scotsman at the railway museum:

      Rail enthusiasts will be making tracks to York National Railway Museum so why not make your tracks to York Caravan Park and the frequent bus service from the park entrance which takes you directly to York Railway Station. The Railway Museum is a short walk from the station.

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